Live on CFMU: It’s all Dollars and Sense!

Mac's Money Coach Terry Bennett meets with CFMU's Brian Zheng to speak on: budgeting, credit, debt, and taxes for students.
October 30, 2018
Mac's Money coach meets with CFMU's radio host in the recording booth

Mac’s Money Coach Terry Bennett meets with CFMU’s Brian Zheng to speak on: budgeting, credit, debt, and taxes for students.

Students entering their formative years of university are exposed to many new financial experiences. For many students, this will be the first time they have taken out a loan, put a credit card in their name, and as a result, accumulated debt. Although debt while pursuing a tangible goal can be beneficial, it is always important to manage your debt wisely.

“We’d really want to help students be a little more conscious about what money they have to spend… is their spending intentional? Without a budget, it’s hard to know when you should stop tapping your credit card.” -Terry Bennett.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that students think their finances are going to be hard because they need math skills. In truth, money skills are relatively simple. By booking an appointment with Mac’s Money Coach, you will learn how to utilize the online tools that help make budgeting, credit comparison, and investment calculations that much easier. If you want to learn more about finances, be sure to register on OSCARplus for events during Financial Literacy Month.

This year, our theme for Financial Literacy Month is “Dream BIG”. Although money can’t buy you sleep, it can buy you a bed. First and foremost, money is a tool to achieving your dreams and ultimately, your goals. Look online to see our list of FREE events and workshops throughout the month of November.

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Financial Literacy Month is a national movement that encourages Canadians to invest in their financial well-being. At Mac’s Money Centre, we hope students will take advantage of our services and resources to help build a budget, learn how to properly file their taxes, guides to investing and saving, as well as financial advise for when students finish university.