Learning Abroad

Whether it be through the McMaster Exchange Program or a work, volunteer or research abroad experience, there is funding available. Available funding includes:

  • Global Experience Awards
  • Exchange Ambassador Awards
  • University-Specific Exchange Awards
  • McMaster Bursaries
  • Travel & Exchange Scholarships
  • Special Programs Funding

To get started, check out the online webinar about the McMaster Travel Awards.

There are many ways that you can save money while abroad:

  • Open an overseas bank account
  • Buy a local SIM card
  • Smart food shopping
  • Savvy socializing
  • Thrifty travel
  • Make cut-price visits to other cities

We also recommend checking out Mac’s Money Centre. This is a free resource for McMaster students and alumni. Services include workshops and one-on-one money coaching.

You are strongly advised to have comprehensive travel and health insurance cover when you go abroad. Hospital and medical bills can be a significant cost, even for minor problems, so it is essential that you get adequate and appropriate coverage. You should tell us what your insurance arrangements are prior to leaving Canada.

Some host universities have policies which may seem expensive but will cover all items relevant to the country. If your host institution doesn’t have a compulsory policy you should purchase a comprehensive policy designed for the country you are visiting.

We can’t recommend specific insurers, but suggest you include specialist student insurance companies in your research, alongside any of your existing policy issuers. You should also make sure that the policy covers the whole period you are away, including any additional travel plans you have.

Keep us informed as you plan your global experience. McMaster University may provide a comprehensive medical and travel cover. We will inform you about this cover once you have been allocated a place for your internship or volunteer period abroad.