Travel Insurance

When you travel out of the country even a minor accident or sickness can become a major problem and an expense. Travel insurance can help ensure that your medical experience is simplified and expenses are covered. It can give you peace of mind and security in a situation that is full of unknowns.

Consider the following typical responses to obtaining travel insurance:

In case of an emergency our government health insurance plan typically only covers a portion of your medical expenses if you are out of the province or Canada. Without additional coverage you could be left with medical bills that could leave you in significant debt.

There are limitations to all types of coverage. For example, your school plan covers you only while you are a student – if you are travelling in the summer you are not necessarily covered. Credit card health plans may have limits on the number of days you can be out of the country or the amount you can claim.

If you travel frequently you should consider a multi-trip annual plan. It offers a more convenient and economical way to purchase coverage and ensures this insurance is in place.

Travel insurance gives you access to non-medical coverage such as trip cancellation or trip interruption services. It also provides insurance against loss or damage to baggage and personal effects. If you are hurt or ill there is a 24 hour help line, and in the US, access to “Doctors On Call”. There is often an interpreter service for those in non- English speaking countries.

Travel insurance makes sure that you have no out of pocket expenses. You won’t have to worry about your maxed out credit card or having no cash – all expenses are billed directly to your insurer.

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