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Mac’s Money Show: Money and Fashion

We’re LIVE with the Mac’s Money Show. Join our hosts as they delve into the wonderful world of fashion! Our...

Photo contains image of members of Student Success Centre and MSU VP of Finance Scott Robinson

Mac’s Money Show: Money and Entertainment

We’re LIVE with the Mac’s Money Show.Today we meet with Scott Robinson, the MSU’s vice president of finance, to talk...

Images contains two money coaches sitting across from a student blogger, a chef, and a registered dietitian

Mac’s Money Show: Money and Food

We've launched a new series with Mac's Money Centre called the Mac's Money Show, happening twice a month. Check out...

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Mac’s Money Show: Student Questions

Meet Mac's Money Coach, Terry Bennett and Director of the Student Success Centre, Gina Robinson as they talk to students...

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Protect Your Dreams (and Money) from Fraud!

SSC Goes Live with UTS and Constable Ray Wong talking about how you can protect yourself from fraud. This event...

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We asked McMaster students to share their dreams!

McMaster students have aspirations as big as their hearts. Find out how financial literacy can help you achieve your dreams...

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SSC Goes Live: Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

McMaster has made applying for scholarships more intuitive and user-friendly. Learn about different scholarship types, availability, who can apply (full-time,...

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Don’t sleep on your dreams. Make them a reality!

Meet with former McMaster students as they share their experiences on travelling, funding their goals, and life after Mac.

Image of student in-front of chalkboard with the question, What do you want to know about money?

What Do Students Want To Know About Money?

The Student Success Centre ask students to talk about the gaps in their financial literacy.


Live on CFMU: It’s all Dollars and Sense!

Mac's Money Coach Terry Bennett meets with CFMU's Brian Zheng to speak on: budgeting, credit, debt, and taxes for students.

Image of student standing in-front of a chalkboard asking for words associated with the word income.

Word Cues (Financial Literacy Month – Macs Money Centre)

For Financial Literacy Month, we asked students to share their thoughts on basic financial terms. Here's how they answered.

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McMaster University takes a lead on financial wellness in Ontario

Students can now access their net bill and have a better sense of how much they owe; net bill includes...

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Money Management Tips w. Bruce Croxon & Kevin Cochran

Mac's Money Centre talks Money Management Tips with EnRICHed Academy's Kevin Cochran and former Dragon Bruce Croxon, moderated by Lindsay...

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Smart Start workshop opens conversations about money with students and parents/guardians

Smart Start is a proactive financial information session for incoming students and their parents, focused on opening dialogues about money,...

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The sunnier side of tax season

Mac’s Money Centre encourages students who have not filed their taxes to learn more and stay on top of their...

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Mac’s Money Centre responds to students and makes financial literacy a priority

Mac’s Money Centre, a collaborative initiative that acts as a central hub for students and alumni to access financial information,...

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*UPDATED: Talking Student Success!

Attention McMaster students! MorningFile has a brand new 6 episode segment and it’s catered specifically for you!

Image of two first place students for short story and long-form essay

Students share experiences and thoughts on the value of money

Over 80 students submitted entries chronicling their personal experiences and thoughts related to money – ranging from its effect on...

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What’s sweeter than candy this Valentine’s Day?

From cards to candies, chocolates to flowers, Valentine’s Day can get pretty expensive. But who says you have to spend...

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It’s taxes season, and we’re here to help!

For many, this may be a scary time (You don’t really “get” taxes) and for others, you not care at...