If you were to be asked this question, how confident would you be in your answer? Many students simply don’t know where their money goes or what exactly is covered in their tuition costs. See how your tuition and student fees support countless services and benefits available to McMaster students by viewing the infographics.

Fee Details

The infographics provide an outline of what you can expect out of your tuition. If you want to learn more about your fees or how to opt out of some of the services, review the links below.

  • Each year, tuition and supplementary fees are posted on the Student Accounts and Cashier’s (SAC) website in early summer. The current year fees can be found here.
  • Here’s a detailed breakdown of McMaster tuition and supplementary fees
  • The per student cost of operating the McMaster Student Union is available at MSU’s Your Money page
  • For more information in regards to opting out of services, please go here.