Everyone knows that saving money is important. So why don’t we save?

Realistically, it’s hard to start this practice when you are feeling strapped for money. There is always a bill to pay, the newest piece of technology to be had, or a trip that you really want to take.

But buying a home, travelling the world, supporting your education and one day, your children’s education takes planning and careful management of your resources.

Saving is a habit. It needs to be practiced and with repetition it will naturally become part of your life. So the idea is to start now and make saving part of your everyday life.

No matter how much money you save – even a dollar a week will start a habit that will be reinforced and feel rewarding as you begin to watch your account grow. So when that moment comes to dip into your savings for your first big investment, you will be reassured in knowing that everything will financially be okay.