Where does your money go? How do we minimize debt? Lack of financial literacy affects all of us. Educating Canadians on financial literacy has become a nation-wide community effort involving the public sector, private sector and the government. McMaster is proud to be part of the greater initiative to position Canadians for health, happiness and economic prosperity.

Mac’s Money Centre project is an investment in the financial wellness of our students. Our vision is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. We want students to feel good about money and reduce their financial stress. Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees and learning how to manage money is a process. It is a skill that requires practice. We offer valuable resources and engaging tools on our website and through the organization of campus events and workshops.

Don’t be intimidated about what you don’t know. We are committed to supporting you on this journey as you head towards smart money making decisions. Take control of your own financial wellness and use the resources available.

Gina C. Robinson, CPA, CA
Director of Student Success Centre,
Assistance Dean (Student Affairs)

Mac’s Money Centre is proudly sponsored by the Student Life Enhancement Fund and is a priority for our students.